Carbon Design System

While I’ve been using Carbon Design System at work, I didn’t have anything I could demonstrate on my personal account. Everything I’ve built for IBM lives in Enterprise Github, and heck - I can’t even log into the user-facing side of the application anymore (being the Scrum Master as well as the Security & Compliance focal, I created sprint tasks to delete all of my accounts after I was no longer on the team!)

So to have some record of my experience using it, I completed the Carbon Design System Tutorial and earned the credential: IBM Carbon Design System Developer Essentials - React on my profile at Credly. I think I’m going to start building a new fun side project with Carbon as well - I will post about it here when I’m ready to share.

While I’m somewhat partial to Carbon since I’ve used it so recently, I think using a Design System is probably more important than which particular one you use. A long time ago at Washington Mutual (RIP), I was part of a small team that created a Pattern Library for reusable compoments — we agreed this was the best method for us to have consistent experiences for our users, while publishing the best, most compatible and most accessible code.