Hi! I'm Mike Susz.

I'm a:

  • Front-end Developer, focused on user experience
  • Team lead, fostering relationships between business and design and engineering
  • Scrum Master and proponent of agile process

And I'm currently employed as a Senior Front-end Developer for IBM Consulting.

How I like to work:

Tools and Techniques

  • Modern CSS and Sass (structured, prefer BEM)
  • Semantic HTML
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Accessibility, Optimization and Resilience
  • Vanilla and Component-based Javascript (React)

Team and Environment

  • Agile workflow (tools i've used: jira, zenhub, rally, sticky notes)
  • Collaborating across disciplines in person and using tools - Sketch, Zeplin, Mural
  • Training, mentoring, and empowering (leadership and Agile process)
  • Enthusiasm, Kindness, and Empathy

Recent Thinking & Learning:

Astro, again!

With the 1.0 beta of Astro being available, I decided it was time to finally upgrade this site. Please forgive the dust, there's been a lot of work under the hood.

Read more about Astro, again!


When I first set out to build this site, I wanted to learn modern web tooling that was different from the traditional server-based hosting I had used for the first half of my career, and not as heavy as the roll-your-own cloud-hosting DevOps that I had been part of at my last few jobs.

Read more about Netlify

Tailwind CSS

For my initial setup of this site, I wanted to try out using Tailwind CSS for the first time. I found it quick to learn and have fun working with!

Read more about Tailwind CSS

How to contact me:

You can find and contact me via my public profiles on various services:

Or you can view my resume