Astro, again!

I’ve been putting off making big changes to the site as Astro (the framework that this site is built with) has been evolving rapidly, and there have been several breaking changes that forced me to spend an inordinate amount of time fixing plumbing instead of actually doing more writing.

This is a common ailment of the modern, fast moving web development space. I have other sites that remain neglected because of huge breaking changes in their frameworks, and I’ve become averse to spend what little time I have available sorting out dependencies, and fixing problems I didn’t create.

Of course this means that the longer I go without adapting my custom code to new versions of frameworks, the more it is out of date, may contain outdated dependencies that contain security vulnerabilities, and generally becomes stagnant. The effort to upgrade gets larger with each generation also, as migration paths are usually not designed to transition across several major versions at once.

All this said, I’ve almost entirely thrown out the old custom code that I had written on top of Astro, and reinstalled it from scratch using the 1.0-beta and started again from the starter blog templates. Hopefully now that Astro is so close to a 1.0 release, future updates will have less complex changes and won’t require major rewrites to upgrade.

Now, Onward!