About Me

Hi! I'm Mike Susz.

I like working with teams of kind people to solve interesting problems.

I'm a:

  • Front-end Developer, focused on user experience
  • Team Leader, fostering relationships between business and design and engineering
  • Scrum Master and proponent of agile processes

I'm currently employed as a Senior Front-end Developer for IBM Consulting.

Previously I've changed the world (in whatever small way) through my work at IBM Software, Optum, Washington Mutual, Intuit, and as an independent consultant working for Evernote, Sony, Monster, Kronos, Fidelity, Deloitte, and Harvard Pilgrim.

How I like to work:

Tools and Techniques

  • Modern CSS and Sass (structured, prefer BEM)
  • Semantic HTML
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Accessibility, Optimization and Resilience
  • Vanilla and Component-based Javascript (React / JSX)

Team and Environment

  • Agile workflow (tools i've used: azure devops, jira, zenhub, rally, sticky notes)
  • Collaborating across disciplines in person and using tools - Figma, Miro, Sketch, Zeplin, Mural
  • Training, mentoring, and empowering (leadership and Agile process)
  • Enthusiasm, Kindness, and Empathy

You can view my resume or if you want to chat, contact me via the socials linked above. thanks!